1 to 1 Sessions

All are welcome to book their 1:1 session with Devi, either Mai-Tri method or MTM.

Whether done in person or at a distance, these sessions are incredibly beautiful, transformative, cleansing and empowering. 

Contact Devi’s team for more information: devi@mohanji.org

Devi Mohan
Devi Mai-Tri

Mai-Tri Method Session 1 to 1

Mai-Tri is a deep cleansing and harmonising method which helps remove deep-seated subconscious blockages, resulting in the blissful feeling of lightness, balance and overall well-being. What is specific to the Mai-Tri method is the ability to reach the subtlest layers of our existence – the causal body (Karana Sarira) – where seeds of karmic imprints are stored.
With the empowerment from Mohanji, Mai-Tri practitioners can help release deeply ingrained impressions, which, if untreated, can cause physical and mental illnesses. Mai-Tri brings about self-healing and restoration of inner balance, while not interfering with the fateful aspect of one’s karma.
Devi is one of the first, most senior practitioners of Mai-Tri Method.  To book a 1 on 1 Mai-Tri session with Devi, please write to her team at devi@mohanji.org
Devi Mohan
Devi Mohan MTM

MTM Session 1 to 1

Mohanji Transformation Method (MTM) is a profoundly transformative and cleansing experience which reaches both the subconscious and unconscious levels of the psyche. It is intended to release deep-rooted impressions, patterns and bindings from the karmic past (always respecting the fateful aspect of one’s karma).

MTM also reduces burdens from the ancestral lineage, while also purifying an individual from the residue of their heavy experiences, blockages and dynamics that no longer serve their highest good. MTM helps release suppressed emotions and removes negative influences and energies in various forms. This profound experience leaves one in a greater state of well-being, a stable state rooted in the awareness of their true potential, and life path in the here and now.

To book a 1 on 1 MTM session with Devi, please write to her team at devi@mohanji.org