Awakening Yoga Nidra (Zoom LIVE)

Yoga Nidra

Awakening Yoga Nidra (Zoom LIVE)

Devi Mohan

Welcome to Awakening Yoga Nidra, a unique inner 3D movie journey, guided (LIVE via Zoom) by Devi Mohan.
at 4 pm CET
7.30 pm India Time
10 am New York Time


Live sessions are rare and have the benefit of fresh energy being channelled
as per the requirement of the individuals who join the session.Devi Mohan




Awakening Yoga Nidra is one of the powerful methods for inner transformation blessed by Mohanji, received and conducted by Devi Mohan. It is based on the ancient method of effective, progressive relaxation called Yoga Nidra (conscious yogic sleep), a beautiful method of inner cleansing, balancing and empowerment done in the receptive alpha state of mind

Awakening Yoga Nidra however goes a step further than the standard Yoga Nidra: the Grace of Guru Tattva (the Guru Principle within) is invoked and, as Devi connects with the higher consciousness through Mohanji, she guides the group through a process of intense inner cleansing, bringing back the memory of the Soul’s journey and the Light beyond all the veils of illusion.

What emerges from the unconscious mind during the cleansing part of the process is exactly what one is ready to face, integrate and absorb at that time. The Love and gratitude that is experienced is immense and the power of this love is the key to the inner healing process.

It is important to note that this is not a hypnotic state, as one is partially aware that he/she is lying on the floor in Shavasana (often referred to as the “corpse pose”) and following the guidance provided, but a profound and vivid inner journey similar to an inner 3D movie is experienced through the inner senses which become fully active in this deeply relaxed state. The process is very intense but completely safe.





Awakening Yoga Nidra can be done comfortably by people of any age group and fitness level and requires no specific preparation.

All that is needed is a yoga mat or a blanket to lay on, a thin pillow (or a folded towel) under the head and a blanket to cover the body. It is very important to keep warm because, in a deeply relaxed state, we start feeling a bit cold, just like during regular sleep.

Once lying down,  one simply relaxes in the comfortable lying position (Shavasana) and follows the gentle guidance of Devi.





Through Awakening Yoga Nidra one gets empowered to face any challenge of life by strengthening the connection with the inner witness (sakshi bhaav), the key to our ability to rise above the pain in any challenging moment of life.

Towards the end of the induction into the ‘alpha’ state of mind, one gets to plant the seed of ‘sankalpa’ (intention, inner resolve) utilizing the subtle energy law of attraction to manifest that what one desires the most if karmically given. In the Alpha state of mind, this is much more effective than what can be achieved from the regular ‘beta’ state of mind.

Aside from inner healing, self-acceptance, addressing the aspect of ancestral karma, relief from the heaviness caused by the dark energies, etc, other benefits include balancing of the left and right sides of the brain and speeding up the process of self-healing at all levels.

Most importantly, the intense inner thirst for spiritual liberation in this life is enhanced many times over! Even if one only touches the space of “no-mind” (a timeless state devoid of thoughts, also known as the turiya state) briefly, one may emerge from the Awakening Yoga Nidra session birthed into a new reality – blessed with a deep, palpable feeling of inner richness, fullness, gratitude and empowerment.





4 – 4.30 pm – Introduction and explanation of the process 

4.30 – 5.50 pm – Awakening Yoga Nidra

5.50 – 6.15 pm –  experience and insight sharing / Q&A



To book your slot and get the Zoom link please:

1. Process the payment of 40 euros via PayPal using the following link:

(If the recent time has rendered you jobless or drastically reduced your income, if you are a student, retired citizen, or financially challenged in any other way, but eager to experience the AYN, the energy exchange of 20 euros is also acceptable. Please honour the energy exchange laws while making this decision, in line with your own conscience)

2. Email Devi’s team at  to send a copy of your payment and GET the Zoom LINK ON TIME.


→ The Registration closes on May 20 at noon (CET)

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Devi Mohan



To watch the testimonials of people who have had the experience of the Awakening Yoga Nidra, please visit these links:

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AYN experiences are highly individual and what is needed the most gets highlighted for each individual.

Devi Mohan

SATURDAY, MAY 20 at 4 pm (CET)
LIVE with DEVI MOHAN via Zoom



Devi Mohan



May 20 2023


4:00 pm - 6:15 pm

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