BORN INTO ABUNDANCE Yoga Nidra- (Zoom) LIVE with Devi

Devi Mohan

BORN INTO ABUNDANCE Yoga Nidra- (Zoom) LIVE with Devi

Rewire and reprogram yourself at a deeper level in order to enable the vibration of abundance to blossom in you!
Devi MohanBORN INTO ABUNDANCE Yoga Nidra –
Saturday, 19 March 2022
at 4pm CET
via ZOOMDevi Mohan

Welcome to a beautiful inner journey through Yoga Nidra, a deeply relaxed state from which one can effortlessly access those deep recesses of our subconscious mind where most of our blockages reside.

BORN INTO ABUNDANCE is a very deep process inspired by Mohanji that first came to life during the Online Retreat with Mohanji called “Open the Doors to Abundance”. It received excellent reviews and since then Devi conducts it exclusively, at Mohanji retreats in vivo, or LIVE via Zoom at rare occasions such as this.Devi Mohan

Through this process one gets to journey through different stages of life, starting with the prenatal womb stage and early childhood, during which many of our inner blockages get created and embedded deep into the subconscious mind.

Devi Mohan



BORN INTO ABUNDANCEYoga Nidra can be done comfortably by people of any age group and fitness level and requires no specific preparation.

All that is needed is a yoga mat or a blanket to lay on, a thin pillow (or a folded towel) under the head and a blanket to cover the body. It is very important to keep warm because in a deeply relaxed state we start feeling a bit cold, just like during regular sleep.

Once lying down,  one simply relaxes in the comfortable lying position (Shavasana) and follows the gentle guidance by Devi.




  • → Undoing of the poverty consciousness programming at the subconscious level.
  • → Unhooking from the attachment to accumulated wealth and related fears of possible loss.
  • → Letting go of deep subconscious fears, limiting beliefs and patterns gained during early childhood and other stages of life.
  • → Replacing the limiting beliefs with positive ones based on abundance-based affirmations addressing past, present and future.
  • → Removal of poverty vows, curses related to poverty, ancestral karmas and other unfavourable energies that attract poverty from the subconscious level.Devi Mohan
From this process, each individual will automatically take what is most needed. Since abundance is reflected in all aspects of life – finances, time, loving relationships, stable health, inner peace, confidence, attitude of gratitude, etc., the areas in which one lacks abundance get worked on the most.Devi Mohan

The aim is to get to enjoy life to its fullest, do more with less time and effort, and align with our higher purpose, knowing that our personal well-being and prosperity are based on what we radiate and contribute positively to the world.




4 – 4.30 pm – Introduction

4.30 – 5.45 pm – Born into Abundance

5.45 – 6 pm – Experience sharing





To book your slot and get the Zoom link please:

1. Process the payment of 35 euros via PayPal using the following link:

(if Covid time has rendered you jobless or drastically reduced your income, if you are a student, retired citizen, or financially challenged in any other way, but eager to experience Born Into Abundance process, the energy exchange of 17 euro is also acceptable. Please honour the energy exchange laws while making this decision in line with your own conscience)

2. Email Devi’s team at   to CONFIRM the payment was made and GET  the Zoom link. 


→ The registration is closing 19.03. at 2 pm (CET)

→ Please check your Spam folder if you did not receive a reply within 1 day.


You may also request an alternative payment option if PayPal is not possible for you- please email Devi’s team at




Here is one beautiful experience from January 2021, when a pure soul from Netherlands shared how she benefitted from Born Into Abundance Yoga Nidra:

“The session was intense. While travelling through different periods of my past, I felt the enormous sad energy of my parents – in the WW2 they lost everything, including their house, and became refugees. I was born many years later, but this energy and all the sadness and frustration that stayed with them, has always been a part of the family energy.

I left my parental home young and followed my own path because I could not take this energy in our family – I would somehow pick it up and would then often get sick.

During this Yoga Nidra I clearly felt this old energy from my family, the energy that I always wanted to get rid of. I worked on it for years, through various other healing modalities, but during this process I think the last piece of that heaviness has finally dropped.

I feel strange now, so much relieved. After the session there was so much of beautiful energy around my husband and me. I am so grateful. Sincere thanks to you Devi and Mohanji.”

IdekDevi Mohan



Saturday, 19 March 2022
at 4pm CET
via ZOOM

Devi Mohan


Mar 19 2022


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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