Insight Timer: The Light Beyond with Devi

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Insight Timer: The Light Beyond with Devi

Welcome to a deep, transformative process by Devi Mohan (WATCH THIS VIDEO)←

Join Devi Mohan, Mohanji Acharya and Global Ambassador of Mohanji Foundation, for the first workshop “The Light Beyond” on Insight Timer app on 9 July: this 3-hour-long process is a beautiful way of creating a ripple of purest Love within the ocean of collective consciousness at this special time of awakening on Earth.


During this process, you will be guided into a powerful heart activation, so that you can effectively tap into the transformative power of love. This process is designed to support our ability to tackle the challenges of the present time with positivity, harnessing the power of love.

Become an instrument of awakening on Earth instead of simply reacting to the events of life, overwhelmed by the constant fear-based information.

Discover and activate your innate ability to transform physical reality through love. Based on her own life-saving past experience of instant heart activation, Devi conveys this knowledge in a powerful, authentic way

Learn how to sharpen your inner antenna to become receptive to the information from the higher vibratory planes – by effectively working on activating your pineal gland through simple methods.

Join Devi Mohan in reimagining a new world, embracing the vibratory frequency and physical reality of the Golden Age.

The Light Beyond process is crowned by the anthem of the World Consciousness Alliance, the song ‘Reimagine.’ After experiencing the heart activation, this majestic song truly comes to life in its full potential, as the beautiful lyrics written by Mohanji become alive in your inner space.




12 – 1 pm (EDT) – Introduction and explanation of pineal gland activation methods

1 – 2.30 pm – The Light Beyond: Live by Devi Mohan

2.30 – 3 pm – Experience sharing, Q & A

Due to differences in time zones, we understand that not everyone will be able to join the session live. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out. You can still purchase the workshop and the recordings will be sent to you after the session




→ In this short video, Devi Mohan explains in brief what The Light Beyond process is all about, its relevance and uniqueness.

The link: INTRO about The Light Beyond by Devi

  1. This process is done in a comfortable seated position.
  2. During this process, you will be learning several profound methods for activation of the pineal gland and vertical alignment.
  3. Due to some of the methods used during this process, it is preferred to join with a half-empty stomach (no heavy meal 2h before the process)



To book your slot  please visit THIS LINK ←


This learning experience includes:

✻ 3 hours of live content including time to connect with Devi Mohan and ask questions

✻ Access to a private Group to connect with other participants and continue the conversation

✻ A recording of the workshop which you can access up to 3 months after the event


Devi MohanALL ARE WELCOME!Devi Mohan



Jul 09 2022


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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